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Market Rules

1. Please arrive at least an hour prior to the market. Be set up and ready to sell by market time. If your vehicle does not arrive by a half-hour prior to market time you will not be allowed to participate that day. Vehicles MUST be removed 30 minutes prior to markets. Fees will NOT be carried over if you miss the market. Tear down may commence at end of market. Market committee may adjust market hours, as they deem necessary.

2. You must remove trash. Bring a broom if necessary to clean your area during and/or after market.

3. You may only bring to sell what has been approved prior to market. If you want to bring a new item you must make a request in writing to Market manager prior to bringing it.

4. You must handle our own taxes and health permits. Clark County no longer requires business license only Nevada State sales tax Id number and proof of same. A itinerate permit is required by the Clark County Health Department. It must be sent in with payment two weeks prior to the first market if you are sampling, cutting or selling prepared foods. Please check their requirements to see if this applies to you.

5.  Please take into consideration that you are part of your display. We aim for a clean, attractive look at Las Vegas Farmers' Markets®. Canopy is required due to sun/heat or rain. Bring some type of weights, bottles of sand or water to weigh down. We also suggest bringing a box of trash bags or roll of flexible clear plastic in case of rain to cover you merchandise if necessary. Battery operated lighting. It's best to be prepared.

6. Produce must be identified with signs as follows:
Self-grown, organic, supplemental
Conventional - is on your own farm or in your garden
Organic - is bio dynamically grown
Conventional/supplemental - is when you grow your own and bring produce form a neighboring farm, bought from other farmers, or picked by you from another farm. It may not be purchased from a store, produce house, etc.

7. A sign with your farm name is great, and customers know whom to look for when they come back. A Banner or sign for the street booth with logo and letters can also be displayed.

8. The spirit of commerce and fair pricing are recommended.

9. Any scales used in the market must have a current valid inspection seal from Weights and Measures.

10. No smoking in booths by vendors. Health Department Rules.

11. Any disruptive behavior by booth operator and/ or their employees will not be tolerated. You will be asked to leave and not be able to sell until permission is granted by market manager to return. No dissemination of fliers, posters, signage, etc. is permitted without prior approval of managers in writing.

12. These rules are to help make a smooth running market without problems. Your suggestions are always welcome and your compliance will help all of us to have a fun and successful season.

Applicant agrees upon signing and submission to be bound by these policies, rules, and procedures and will abide by them. Applicant further agrees and understands that they will not be allowed to operate at any other market or location within five miles of any of our existing locations without specific permission and written release of market manager, during operational term, and for a period of one year after written and agreed termination date, due to conflict of interest, from Las Vegas Farmers Market.

Applicants signature will hereby release and hold harmless all associates of Las Vegas Farmers Market LLC and its sponsoring organizations beneficiaries and all employees volunteers or associates of above from any and all responsibility, personal liability claims, including but not limited to theft, personal injury, public enemy, acts of god or other unforeseen circumstances beyond its control and to indemnify them for any damage arising from applicants' or associates, guests participation in any of the Las Vegas Farmers Market LLC Events. Applicant agrees to keep in force a general liability policy and to notify LVFM of any changes to insurance policies, residence, licensing and other relevant information.


To participate we would like artist to create new work in any medium. All work must be suitable for family audiences.

Artwork must show a mark of the hand. Only original work will be accepted.

Artists that are accepted must be present during market times. You may substitute a family member or friend occasionally if the need arises.
Limited editions will be allowed.
Artwork will be displayed at artist own risk. Las Vegas Farmers Market® and the City of LasVegas are not responsible for damage loss or theft.

Booth space is 10x10 and you must provide your own tent and tables. Any booth walls must be sturdy, free standing, and presentable. Demonstrations are encouraged. All clean-up is the artist responsibility. If electricity is necessary please indicate exactly what you need. We have a limited amount of plugs. An additional charge may be required for power.

Las Vegas Farmers Market®

1. Submit completed application with photos of your item for sale and your booth display.

2. Obtain Authorization of market Manager.

3. Agricultural certificate or letter. (Call 702-486-4690 if you are a NV farmer). All others need to find a license hang location and obtain letter of proof of it.

A. Food vendor MUST have CC Health Department card
$35.00 and an approved facility (commissary) to do
food preparation/ or a mobile vendor licenses and/ or
itinerates permit if applicable.. (702-383-1274)

B. Insurance (product liability) with additional insured
named Las Vegas Farmers’ Market and cosponsor.

File Doing Business as DBA at 500 Grand Central
Parkway, Clark County Government Building

4. Nevada State sales tax Id number at 500 Washington, State
of Nevada.

5. Applications and fee for appropriate business licensing.
I.e. City of Las Vegas.

6. Complete application and all of above copies for market
manager with fees payable 2 weeks prior to start date. 4
week minimum. $50.00 application fee. We are open rain
or shine, be there, and be prepared. 725-333-LVFM. See Steve prior to set-up. Please off load, move cars then set-up. APPLICATION FORM

See Steve prior to set-up.  Please offload move cars then set-up.


Bring your family, tell your friends and make sure to stop by and visit all the friendly farmers. 



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