Las Vegas Farmers Market (R) LLC has several  locations throughout Las Vegas, each with various market times:


Bruce Trent Park,  Skye Canyon, Downtown Summerlin and Southern Highlands         


Please refer to each of the locations by clicking on the location in the drop-down list above,  via the buttons on the home page or menu on mobile devices.


Come on out and support your local small businesses and farmers!

Some tips to our visitors when coming to a Market:

Know where your keys are!  The number one lost and found item are car keys.

Fanny packs work great for shopping the market.

Cost to get in is FREE.

Pets welcomed at outdoor locations      

Bring small bills and change.  You will pay at each individual vendor.  

Most vendors accept credit and debit cards.  

Upon arrival, especially if you are new to the market, walk through the Market once to see all the different vendors and what's offered. 

If you are shopping for produce, bring large cloth shopping bags (like you would to the grocery store).  Recycle - Bags given to you by the vendors can be re-used again the next time you come.  This is good for the environment as well as the cost to the vendor, which then is

passed on down to the buyer.

Old baby and toddler carts make good shopping carts.