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Rod & Kat

 Philosophy & Mission

"Grow, nourish and inspire community"

Our mission is making sure every resident has access to high quality, nutritious produce. That small business's prosper by having a marketplace to sell their products and that  residents understand the value to their community by shopping local.

     Rod Huebert grew up in the central valley of California. It is known for being one of the most agriculturally productive regions on Earth. From an early age he was exposed to a long family history of farming while living in Reedley, CA. Naturally his passion grew for providing communities with fresh organic produce, while supporting local small businesses. He began traveling weekly between Reedley and Las Vegas to sell produce through his self owned business, Rod's Produce Market.. He took over ownership of Las Vegas Farmers Market in early 2017. He and his wife, Kathleen have shared in building and growing the market into what it is today. 

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